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Job Checkins
1 year ago
Old water heater was 19 years old and leaking from the bottom of the tank. This is a typical lifespan for State Select when installed on an open loop system in Merriam.
The water pressure was 80 psi and the house was on an open loop system. The gas shutoff was updated and a new ball valve was installed. A flue liner was recommended in the near future. GCR 50 gallon AO Smith installed.
1 year ago
This 12 year Rheem made it 1 year past the warranty period. These longer warranty tanks do not have a longer life expectancy than standard 6 year tanks. We were actually called out to replace this tank over a year ago and recommended that they let it ride until it started to leak.
AO Smith water heater installed in this Merriam home. The water pressure was 100 psi so we installed a PRV to lower it to 70 psi. There was also an issue with an outside hosebibb which we were able to fix. When the water was turned back on one of the faucets started to leak. We replaced a seal inside the faucet free of charge to the HO.
1 year ago
The old water heater lasted 16 years with no problems or complaints. The water pressure was 84 psi on this open system. The HO opted to leave it an open system.
A new Bradford White was installed along with a new main shutoff valve that was located behind the existing water heater.