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1 year ago
This is an old Bradford White water heater that was leaking from the tank. It should have never been installed with a copper gas line.
Installation of AO Smith water heater. The copper gas line was removed and replaced with iron pipe. New shutoff installed along with copper supply lines.
2 years ago
Water heater had a lack of slope and the flue 90 was modified which prohibited a proper draft.
New short 40 gallon AO Smith installed and ice maker valve replaced.
2 years ago
We were called out to this project for not hot water on a home in Westwood Kansas. Before even walking into the house it was visible that there was no flue liner installed in this clay chimney. Once going down into the basement we could see that the hot water heater had been backdrafting for quite some time. There was a lack of slope in the flue and it may have contributed to the pilot going out on the old water heater.
Install short 40 gallon Bradford White hot water heater along with a 5\" flue liner for the chimney. The short tank created a much better draw.